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The Centro de Estudios de Arte (CEdA) is a private foundation dedicated to the study, promotion and diffusion of contemporary artistic practices, whose main pieces have defined the coordinates of the Chilean plastic scene of the last four decades.


The Centro Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo de Cerrillos is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Patrimony, inaugurated in 2016. Its mission is to promote the creation and understanding of Chilean contemporary art, in connection with the Latin American and international scene, making available to citizens the tools for its conservation, research, education and dissemination.


D21 Proyectos de Artes, founded in 2009, is an independent center for the creation, production and diffusion of Visual Arts and Poetry. It has the challenge of contributing in an active, independent and multidisciplinary way to the cultural environment of the country.


Metales Pesados Ediciones begins its activities in 2005 associated with the Metales Pesados Libreria. Later, in 2006 it was created as an independent company. Currently it has a catalog of more than fifty titles in aesthetics, philosophy, social sciences and literature areas.